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Raid Director is ready to take on Deathstroke

Image A lot has happened in the DC Cinematic Universe since Joe Manganiello landed the role of Deathstroke last September. First, Joss Whedon replaced Zach Snyder in the director's chair of Justice League, where Manganiello's hero might have made his debut. Subsequently, the director changed for the Batman solo album, the main antagonist of which was to be Slade Wilson. And judging by the words of Matt Reeves, who decided to completely redesign the idea of the film about the Dark Knight, there is no place for Deathstroke in the blockbuster.

However, Warner Bros. does not forget about the popular anti-hero from the comics. Not so long ago it became known that the major is planning to launch a whole series of spin-offs of the superhero universe, and the film about Deathstroke fits perfectly into these plans. The Wrap portal reports that the studio management has already looked after the director for the future film: a contract with the director of the two "Raids" Gareth Evans is under discussion.

Officially, no agreements have been concluded, and so far one can only guess how the creators of the MCU plans to introduce Deathstroke into the franchise. Before he gets a solo album, it would be logical to imagine him in some other blockbuster, since the name of Slade Wilson is well known only to TV fans (in Arrow, the antagonist is played by Manu Bennett).


Deathstroke was created by Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez for Teen Titans comics. In the original source, he is a mercenary named Slade Wilson who works for those who pay more. Through scientific experiments, Wilson acquired super strength and super endurance, but his main ability is that he can use 90% of his brain's potential.

The choice of Gareth Evans to direct the project is quite interesting. Insiders claim that at first the WB bosses offered him to lead the filming of "Dark Justice League", but Evans dismissed this offer, submitting an idea for the Deathstroke tape. Both "Raids" can be safely attributed to the best action films of the XXI century, and the collaboration of the filmmaker with a large studio was only a matter of time. Evans' latest work to date is the thriller The Apostle, due out on Netflix next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman