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Deathstroke XXL

Image A couple of weeks ago, Ben Affleck tweeted a video from the filming of Justice League with the famous character from the comics DC - Deathstroke . Then there were rumors that it was this hero who would become the main villain of the upcoming solo film about The Dark Knight .

New MCU curator DC Jeff Jones, working with Affleck on Batman , in an interview with The Wall Street Journalconfirmed that Deathstroke would really be the defender of Gotham, and Joe Manganiello got the role of the antagonist.

The fact that Manganiello can play Deathstroke was discussed at the beginning of last year. The hero was supposed to be a member of the Suicide Squad, but in the end Slade Wilson did not find a place in David Eyre's blockbuster. The character first appeared on the pages of the Teen Titans comics back in 1980, and thanks to the increased popularity 11 years later, he received his own series of graphic novels.


Manganiello is familiar with the world of comic superheroes - in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, he played Flash Thompson , and later returned to this role in the third part of the film series. Joe 's recent work currently includes Super Mike XXL and Pee-wee's Toy House, and recently completed filming for the comedy Drunk Parents.

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Author: Jake Pinkman