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New shark encounter scheduled

Image Entertainment Studios, which worked with Johannes Roberts on the Blue Abyss thriller, will fund the sequel to the thriller. The studio acquired the rights to the sequel and even set a release date.

The first film, starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, tells the story of two heroines who dive into great white sharks. The cage that Lisa and Kate are in breaks down and the girls dive much deeper than they expected. Finding themselves in a deadly trap with a depleting supply of oxygen, the heroines understand that the only way out is to swim upward, risking becoming a dinner for the most ferocious inhabitants of the ocean.

Johannes Roberts plans to return to work on the second part and write the screenplay in collaboration with Ernest Riera. The new story will introduce viewers to other shark victims - a group of five tourists from different parts of the world, who decided to experience the thrill in search of local Atlantis. However, the storytellers, thanks to whom the girls wanted to dive, did not say a word that the territory of the beautiful lost city is under the patronage of bloodthirsty sharks.


The film crew will get back together to work on a sequel in Brazil. The premiere of the same picture will take place on June 28, 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman