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”Resident Evil” flies into the abyss

Image The film series "Resident Evil" includes six parts that were released from 2002 to 2016. Critics never liked the films based on the popular video game, but together they grossed about $ 1.2 billion worldwide, making them the highest grossing video game-based franchise. Therefore, few people were surprised when the studio Constantin Film announced its intention to reboot "Resident Evil".

According to the Variety portal, the project has a director: Johannes Roberts ("Blue Abyss"). He will also write the script for the picture. It is noteworthy that a year ago James Wang wanted to produce the new "Resident Evil", but now his name is not mentioned due to the reboot, so he may have left the project.

So far, all that is known about the new "Resident Evil" is that Constantin Film was not going to change the genre of the film adaptation: it will still be an action game. Although more recently Greg Russo, who wrote the previous version of the script, admitted to reporters that his version is a full-fledged horror, and Johannes Roberts, by the way, is just an expert on low-budget horror films.


In addition to Blue Abyss, which grossed $ 44.3 million on a modest budget of $ 5.5 million, Roberts has directed films such as Strangers: Cruel Intentions and Beyond the Door. Now he is preparing to shoot the horror movie 48 Meters, the sequel to Blue Abyss.

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Author: Jake Pinkman