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King's Novel ”Hearts in Atlantis” will be a film

Image Already, Stephen King can boast that his works have been adapted dozens of times for large screens and almost as many for television. It all began in 1976, when Brian de Palma filmed the novel Carrie, and now the impressive list of films based on the books of King will be replenished with another film.

As the site Variety found out, British director Johannes Roberts with the support of The Fyzz Facility will film the drama Hearts , based on the story of the King of Horrors Hearts in Atlantis . Roberts adapted the original with Ernest Riera. Their previous collaborations include the horror films Beyond the Door and Fear of the Depth.

The film is set in 1966. The project is a drama about a group of students who, being far from home for the first time, begin to understand what it means to be adults. In the book, the guys are seriously addicted to the card game "Hearts" , and their world is slowly beginning to collapse. The grades are getting worse, and each of them faces expulsion. In those years, it meant only one thing - you would be sent to fight in Vietnam ...


As a teenager, I discovered the world of Stephen King books and their film versions, which prompted me to become a director, - admitted Roberts . - Hearts in Atlantis is my favorite work, and I have long dreamed of making it into a movie. ”.

The source also reports that King has given his approval for the adaptation of the story.

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Author: Jake Pinkman