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Gru, Sharks, Stephen Fry: Watch This Week

Image In the coming week, the hegemony of the fifth "Transformers" will continue in cinemas, so most distributors decided to hold back their releases. However, a few daredevils were found ...

For the younger generation, who are still early on Optimus Prime and are already late in the nursery, the cartoon "Despicable Me 3" will start rolling. In the third part, the supervillain Gru will have to face himself, or rather, his twin brother, who is much richer and more successful than the main character. After the not very successful solo release of "Minions", the authors returned to the original idea: in the center of the plot they placed Gru , and his faithful banana-like accomplices went to the backing vocals.

Despicable Me 3
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For the development of the triquel were the same people who created the previous parts of the "nasty" franchise. Whether they managed to fix the mistakes they made while working on Minions will become known next week.

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Sharks are known to dislike the taste of human flesh. Once having "tasted" a person, the predator no longer touches him. However, other sharks swim to the smell of blood - it's also clean to try. Last year, Collet-Serra told Jaume about the confrontation between the shark and Blake Lively. Despite the incredible amount of inaccuracies, the film was liked by both critics and viewers. The Blue Abyss kicks off at the box office next week. This time there are two girls (and one of them is the star of the TV series "This Is Us" Mandy Moore), but there are also a whole flock of sharks. Whether director Johannes Roberts succeeded in creating the same suspense as Collet Serra , we'll find out on June 29.

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The thriller "2:22" , whose authors clearly drew inspiration from the masterpiece "A Beautiful Mind", also kicks off next week. They watched the tape with Russell Crowe, added mysticism and Teresa Palmer, with whom the whole world fell in love after the tape "I Am the Fourth." Paul Curry has been a producer, which is encouraging - he was behind such good films as Out of Conscience and Bastion. True, he also shot the tape, and Paul has much less experience as a director than as a producer. But we hope for the best.

ImageStephen Fry is an iconic figure for Britain. This man not only laughed at himself and his fellow countrymen all his life, but also in every possible way promoted and maintained the purity of the English language. He has achieved success both on TV and in literature. His novel "The Hippopotamus" became a bestseller and now, two decades after its publication, it has been screened. The novel has everything we love Fry for - poetry, subtle humor and purely English sarcasm. And it is not surprising that it was the British who decided to film the book. How they transferred the charm of the work of Fry to the screen and what they added from themselves, we will soon find out, but the presence of Roger Allam in the cast is definitely encouraging.

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