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Image A special place in the treasury of world literature is occupied by " Anne Frank's Diary ", in which a brave Jewish girl described life in a secret hideout in the building of the Opekta company during the German occupation of the Netherlands. Anne Frank kept her diary for more than two years, until she and the rest of her family were arrested by Gestapo officers. The girl died in early 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, but her name has remained immortalized in history thanks to her father.

According to Deadline , Fox Searchlight intends to tell viewers how Otto Frank managed to publish his daughter's recordings. The Hollywood studio acquired the script rights to the Keeper of the Diary from Samuel W. Franco and Ivan Kilgore. The young authors tried their hand as a duet a couple of years ago: at the end of 2015, their war drama Mayday 109 even earned the right to enter the famous Black List of the best unrealized Hollywood scripts.

Reportedly, the first major auction in 2017 with the participation of a number of American film companies was launched for the rights to " Diary Keeper ". As a result, the studio Fox Searchlight won the victory, ready to pay an impressive six-figure sum for the script.


Otto Frank survived thanks to the Soviet troops, who liberated Auschwitz on January 27, 1945. Returning to the Netherlands, he learned that his wife and daughters had died in concentration camps. The only link to the past for Otto was Anna 's diary, found by the Opecta staff shortly after the arrest of the Franks family.

The script for Franco and Kilgore will focus on the history of the creation of the English version of " Diary ". The notes of Anne Frank were first published back in 1947 in the Netherlands, but Otto was unable to publish the book in the USA and Great Britain for a long time. " The Diary Keeper " tells how his dream of telling the story of his daughter to the whole world was helped by a 24-year-old employee of the publishing house Doubleday Barbara Zimmerman .


To date, " Anne Frank's Diary " has been translated into six dozen languages. In 1959, the book formed the basis for the plot of the drama of the same name by George Stevens, which won three " Oscars ". Shelley Winters received the award for supporting roles, who decided to donate her gold statuette to the Frank House Museum.


The creation of " Diary Keeper " will involve Israeli-born American producer Matti Leshem ("The Shoal"), whose family is familiar with the horrors of the Holocaust.

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