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Life in the death camp

Image In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, stories about the war crimes of the Nazis are more relevant than ever. Aspiring producer Ben Shields Kathleen talks about an Auschwitz prisoner who uncovered the truth about German concentration camps.

Kathleen's company acquired the rights to film Rudolf Vrba's memoirs. The first edition of the book went on sale in 1963. Then it was called "I Can't Forgive." A new edition of the novel comes out this month, this time with the title I Escaped Auschwitz.

Walter Rosenberg was sent to a concentration camp in 1942 at the age of 17. The guy joined the underground resistance movement and began to develop an escape plan. He had to wait two years until the guards finally relaxed their guard. Walter left Auschwitz in April 1944. He made it to Zilina, took the pseudonym Rudolf Vrba and wrote a 35-page report on the conditions in the death camps. Excerpts from his text made it onto the cover of the New York Times, and the world finally learned the dire details of the Nazi plan to resolve the Jewish question.


The book will be adapted by young authors Evan Parter and Paul Hilborn. The writers hit the crayon for film producers four years ago when one of their lyrics made it to the Black List of Hollywood's Best Unrealized Ideas.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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