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Victory or Death

Image The Canadian company BRON Studios and the American studio New Mandate Films will tell about the atrocities of the Nazi concentration camp guards who staged gladiator fights between prisoners. According to Deadline, the international duo is starting work on the adaptation of Alan Scott Haft's book Harry Haft: Prisoner of Auschwitz, Rocky Marciano's Rival.

In 2006, an American writer told the world the tragic story of his father's life. Herschel Haft was born in 1925 in the Polish town of Belchatow. In 1941, along with other local Jews, he was sent to the Auschwitz death factory. Soon, local overseers forced Herschel to participate in boxing matches between the prisoners of the camp. Certain death awaited the loser in the gladiatorial battle. To survive, Haft had to win 76 consecutive victories.

In April 1945, Herschel was sent on a death march, but he managed to escape. Early the following year, the Pole won an amateur boxing tournament in Munich, organized by the American army in honor of the victory in World War II. Thanks to this success, Haft moved to the United States, where he took the name Harry and became a professional boxer.


Haft started with 12 straight wins, but after his first defeat, his career declined sharply. He spent his last fight in the professional ring against the legendary Rocky Marciano. Harry was knocked out in the third round. The boxer himself later claimed that he had to surrender the fight, since influential mafiosi relied on Marciano.

Guilt for the events of the war years tormented Haft until the end of his life. Only a couple of years before his death, he finally plucked up the courage and told his son about the years he spent at Auschwitz. The portrayal of Harry Haft in BRON Studios and New Mandate Films will be portrayed by Ben Foster ("At Any Cost").


Oscar-winning Barry Levinson (Rain Man) will direct the biographical drama.

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Author: Jake Pinkman