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Kenneth Branagh will keep Anne Frank's diary

Image British director Kenneth Branagh , who has just finished shooting the film based on Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, has found his next project. According to the information portal Deadline , the director is in talks regarding participation in the production of a film entitled "Keeper Of The Diary" * ( Keeper Of The Diary ).

The tape will tell the story of Otto Frank, who was trying to find a publisher to publish the diaries of his daughter, Anne Frank, who died in a concentration camp. A thirteen-year-old girl kept a diary for more than two years, hiding with her family in a shelter arranged by employees of the Opecta company, where her father worked. On August 4, 1944, they were found by Gestapo officers and sent to a concentration camp. Anna died in the spring of 1945 in the camp Bergen-Belsen . The only family member who managed to survive was Anna's father.


Having lost everyone he loved, Otto Frank decided to bring the tragic story to the whole world by publishing the notes of his youngest daughter. In 1947, the diary was published in the Netherlands, but it took a long time to do it in the USA and Great Britain. However, the book was finally published thanks to the help of an ambitious young woman named Barbara Zimmerman . As a junior editor at a publishing house, she combed through a pile of manuscripts for printable ones. The insistence of Otto and Barbara , who believed that the diary could change the world, led to the publication of one of the most striking and famous documents testifying to the crimes of Nazism. Barbara Zimmerman became a legend in her publishing house and subsequently founded the popular literary magazine
Kenneth Branagh is going not only to take the director's chair, but also to play the main role in the film.


The Diary Keeper was written by Sam Franco and Evan Kilgore. Earlier this year, an auction was held where several large companies fought for the rights to the painting. As a result, the rights went to the studio Fox Searchlight . The film will be produced by Branagh , Judy Hoffland, as well as Matti Leshem and Lynn Harris from Weimaraner Republic Pictures .

The film takes place between the end of World War II and the moment when Doubleday Publishers finally accepted the book for publication in 1950. For the film's producers, the story is personal. The grandmother of Matti Leshem died during the Holocaust, but his father survived. And Kenneth Branet has already told the story of the diary in the 1995 Oscar-winning documentary Remembering Anne Frank.

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