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”I erected a monument not made by hands”

Image Most artists are dedicated to biopics after their death. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the famous Hollywood producer and director Lee Daniels decided not only to become an exception to this rule, but also to take an active part in the work on the film about himself. br />
I am currently negotiating to create a music tape based on my life, - said the filmmaker in an interview with Billboard . -I have an interesting biography: at some point I even had to live on the street. We want to make a film with original music in the spirit of such films as "All That Jazz" and "8 and a Half"".

The life story of the filmmaker is really quite curious. Daniels had no funds to pay for his directing courses, which forced him to take a job as a secretary at a nursing agency. Soon, an enterprising young man decided to organize his own medical business. A couple of years later, several thousand nurses were already in his subordination. Daniels hand-picked the staff, which pushed him to the idea of becoming a film casting expert.


In Hollywood, Lee managed to create his own production company. The debut film of the studio Lee Daniels Entertainment was the film "Ball of Monsters", the role in which brought Halle Berry the title of Best Actress of 2001. Then Daniels finally got the chance to try himself as a stage director. His most famous work in cinema is considered the drama "Treasure", for which he received two nominations for the " Oscars " in the categories "Best Picture" and "Best Director".

The Topic of Article: ”I erected a monument not made by hands”.
Author: Jake Pinkman