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Richard Pryor's biopic will get a second chance

Image A week ago, we reported that Lee Daniels ("The Treasure") decided to participate in the creation of his own biopic. A musical film about the life of a Hollywood producer and director is still in the planning stages, thanks to which Daniels found time to implement another project. Variety reports that Lee has returned to directing a biographical drama about the life of the famous comedian Richard Pryor .

Daniels received an invitation to lead the film back in early 2014. Since then, Mike Epps, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson and Eddie Murphy have joined the cast of the biopic. It seemed that the film was about to go into production, but in May of this year, Lee unexpectedly resigned as director, citing a busy work schedule.

Instead of looking for a new director, The Weinstein Company chose to continue negotiations with Daniels . Rapper and music producer Jay-Z was brought in this week to help Bob and Harvey Weinstein's studio persuade the director to take the helm again. There are also rumors in Hollywood that the picture has found shelter on the streaming service Netflix , but officials from TWC are in no rush to confirm this information.


Filming is expected to begin early next year. The biographical drama will be titled " Richard Pryor: Did I Say Something? " in honor of one of the comedy albums of the American stand-up legend.

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Author: Jake Pinkman