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New Line will give Hell's Kitchen to women

Image New Line Cinema has launched a full-length adaptation of the comic book The Kitchen ( The Kitchen ), which was exclusively learned by the site The Tracking Board .

The adaptation of the original, written by Ollie Masters , will be done by Andrea Berloff , who already has an Oscar nomination for screenplay for Voice of the Streets. She is also currently working on The King Conan and the sports drama Dangerous Odds.

The graphic novel is set in the late 70s in New York, when Times Square was almost a haven for sex and drug lovers. The city is on the brink of bankruptcy and a power outage could occur at any moment. The street ball is ruled by gangs of Irishmen from Hell's Kitchen, spreading fear and terror around them. Jimmy Brennan and his associates were the most brutal thugs in the area until they were sent to jail. However, their wives decide to continue the case of the bandits. Having felt the taste of a rich life and easy money, it will not be easy for them to stop ...


Critics praised the original comic, noting that Masters transformed a classic mafia story by placing women at the center of the action. According to the author himself, the 70s meant a lot for New York and became the starting point for cardinal changes in society.

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Author: Jake Pinkman