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Cops in Reno will be back on duty

Image Fearless but not very competent police officers from Reno, Nevada, are ready to stand up to the guard of law and order again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comedy Central is considering the idea of creating a new feature film based on its Rino 911 franchise.

The actress Niecy Nash shared information with the reporters of an authoritative American publication, who hinted that the shooting of the second film about the adventures of the hapless cops could start next summer. The premiere of the Rino 911 series took place in July 2003. A hilarious parody of the famous reality show "Police" was warmly received by the audience and lasted six seasons on Comedy Central.

In the wake of the popularity of the comedy show, the feature film 911: Call Boys was created, in which cops from Reno had to rescue Miami residents after a terrorist attack on a building that hosted the National Convention of Police. The 2007 film received mostly negative press reviews, but successfully paid off its $ 10 million budget.


In 2011, an attempt to revive the original series was made by the bosses of the online service Netflix, but as a result, their negotiations with the producers of "Rino 911" stalled. It seems that the heroes of the comedy will still return to action, but not on small, but on large screens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman