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Ben Affleck will call a prosecution witness

Image Now Ben Affleck is busy on the set of Justice League, and in the future he also intends to become the director of a solo film about the The Dark Knight , however, despite his busy schedule, the actor manages to find time and for other projects.

According to the Collider website, Affleck is in talks to lead and star in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's story The Prosecution Witness ... In addition, Ben plans to share the production of the tape with Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd ("Jason Bourne"). The script is written by Christopher Keyser (Highland Park).

This is in the original about the trial of a man who was arrested on charges of murdering a wealthy old lady, who appointed him as her only heir. As it turned out, the man was already married, which immediately made him the prime suspect. During the trial, his spouse agrees to testify for the prosecution, but everything turns out to be part of a cunning plan to get the verdict "Not guilty".

In 1957, a feature-length film was shot based on the story with Charles Lawton, Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Power in the lead roles. Billy Wilder's painting has garnered six Oscar nominations.


For Affleck , the choice of The Prosecution Witness as a new project is quite interesting, because his previous directorial work has focused more on the characters and the dynamics of their relationship, rather than on the plot ("Goodbye, baby, goodbye "," City of Thieves "). Recently Ben finished shooting another film - the crime drama Nightlife.

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Author: Jake Pinkman