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Matt Damon is ready to become a superhero

Image After Ben Affleck got the role of Batman in the DC cinematic universe, journalists began to match his best friend, Matt Damon , to superheroes. Many critics did not hide the fact that they would be extremely curious to look at the star of the Bourne franchise in the image of Robin . At some point, Hollywood insiders also mentioned the actor's name in connection with the casting for the role of Aquaman , but as a result, Jason Momoa took the throne of the ruler of the underwater world.

If before Damon preferred to laugh it off when asked about superhero blockbusters, then at the premiere of the film "Jason Bourne" he unexpectedly admitted that he would not mind starring in some movie comic directed by Affleck .

I am ready to consider any project if it has a good director at the helm, - said Matt in an interview with Irish Examiner . -I'm only afraid that the roles of all superheroes have already been made out by other actors. But if it were about playing in the tape Ben , I would have rushed to the set in a minute. Another thing is that he always takes the best roles in his films. If Ben does not agree to give me the tidbit, we are unlikely to be able to work together. "


Bringing Damon to the DC Cinematic Universe would be a huge success for Warner Bros . The opportunity to star in the superhero film of his friend Matt can be gifted the upcoming solo album of Batman , which Affleck intends to start working on after filming in Justice League. ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman