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USAn Box Office: Evpatiy Kolovrat vs. Mexicans

Image The past weekend could not boast of serious numbers, however, it marked the victory of another USA film. Total box office receipts last weekend amounted to about RUB 775 million.

Domestic cinema this year does not cease to delight film distributors. The leader of the financial rating according to the results of the first December weekend was the painting "The Legend of Kolovrat". The film directed by Janik Fayziev tells about the feat of the Ryazan knight Evpatiy Kolovrat. Events develop in the XIII century. USA is fragmented, and the Khan of the Golden Horde Batu, without encountering serious resistance, seizes the cities, cracking down on the inhabitants and leaving ashes on the site of the settlements. Upon learning that the Mongol army attacked Ryazan, Kolovrat leads a detachment of daredevils and moves into the city to avenge his love and his homeland. The main role in the film was played by a young actor Ilya Malakov, and he was accompanied by Polina Chernyshova, Alexei Serebryakov, Alexander Ilyin Jr., Igor Savochkin, Timofey Tribuntsev and Andrei Burkovsky.

The film, which combines a historical action movie and fantasy, managed to surpass all the expectations and forecasts of analysts, who predicted the film's fees in the region of 200 million rubles. Kolovrat with a budget of 360 million rubles. was able to earn 280 million rubles for the premiere weekend. Better among domestic films this year started only "The Last Bogatyr" (474 million rubles) and "Attraction" (408 million rubles). Dzhanik Fayziev's adventure tape became the ninth USA film, which in 2017 was able to climb to the first line in the rating of distribution leaders. In addition to the aforementioned "The Last Hero" and "Attraction", such films as "Time of the First", "Salyut-7", "Defenders", "Gogol. Beginning ”,“ Crimea ”and“ Viking ”, whose weekend premiere fell on January 1.


Despite the fact that historical events are taken as a basis, The Legend of Kolovrat does not pretend to be realistic and accurate. The authors of the tape preferred to create a fairy-tale world, adding a fair amount of their own imagination and a lot of special effects. This was precisely the stumbling block on the path to universal delight. Yes, most reviewers speak of the film in a positive way, they liked the beautiful costumes, well-staged battle scenes, and an interesting and dynamic narration. However, some viewers still did not appreciate such a free attitude to history and too obvious, from the first shots, eye-catching computer graphics.


Last week's triumphant - the animated comedy by Pixar and Disney studios "Coco's Secret", dropped to the second line. The story of the Mexican boy Miguel, who dreamed of making music and accidentally ended up in the Land of the Dead, showed a minimal drop in fees. The box office of the past weekend in relation to the premiere decreased by only 22% and amounted to about 146 million rubles. In total, the bright and touching animation tape has collected 362 million rubles to date. If we compare the figures of "Coco's Mysteries" with the latest projects of Pixar and Disney studios, then the cartoon shows a very average result in our box office. So, for example, Moana, released last year, earned 335 million rubles only for the premiere weekend, after the second week she already had 606 million rubles in the piggy bank, and she ended her procession through cinemas at around 874 million rubles. Similar dynamics was shown this summer and "Cars 3". At the end of the second weekend, the band's assets were 503 million rubles, and the total fees amounted to about 619 million rubles.


The third place is occupied by the thriller "Flatulers". Compared to the premiere week, the box office with Ellen Page, Diego Luna and Nina Dobrev in the lead roles sank by more than 45%. Over the past weekend, viewers replenished the picture's piggy bank for 57 million rubles. All in all, a remake of the 1990 film of the same name about a group of medical students plunging into a state of clinical death in order to find out what is happening to a person on the other side, mastered 202 million rubles.


With the fourth result, the action movie "Foreigner", co-produced by Great Britain, China and the USA, based on the novel "The Chinese" by the writer Stephen Leser, started at the box office. In the center of the plot is a former special agent, a veteran of the Vietnam War, Quan, in front of whom his teenage daughter dies in a terrorist attack. Realizing that the authorities are in no hurry to find the criminals, the hero himself begins to search for the killer. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan starred in the film and directed by Martin Campbell, who has credited such famous films as GoldenEye, Casino Royale and The Mask of Zorro. Analysts predicted "Inostranets" fees of about 35-40 million rubles. But in the end, after the first week, the thriller has 52 million rubles. Critics and audiences took the film very positively, noting the interesting plot, good action and excellent acting, especially Jackie Chan. The martial artist who fans are accustomed to seeing in comedies and action films, in "Foreigner" has proved himself as a tough dramatic actor, fully immersing himself in the image of a grief-stricken and at the same time obsessed with revenge of his father.


The American comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ". The last weekend brought the picture an additional 46 million rubles. In total, the film directed by Sean Anders with the participation of Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow earned 153 million rubles in two weeks. Apparently, the tape will be able to overtake the first part of the franchise, which received almost 161 million rubles from the USA viewer in January 2016.

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