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USAn Box Office: Kolovrat has no competitors

Image In anticipation of the eighth episode of the legendary Star Wars saga, there has been a lull on the battlefields for leadership in the box office. The total box office receipts of cinemas last week amounted to a little over 561 million rubles, and there were no particularly high-profile novelties in distribution. As a result, the leading position was retained by the USA film “The Legend of Kolovrat”.

The fantasy directed by Janik Fayziev about the Ryazan knight Evpatiy Kolovrat, who dared to challenge Baty, the Khan of the Golden Horde, was able to master 148 million rubles in the second weekend. In total, the picture has earned 490 million rubles to date, thus it has already been able to recoup its production budget, which amounted to 360 million rubles. "Kolovrat" became the third USA film, which this year managed to climb twice to the first line in the rating of the highest-grossing releases of the week. Previously, only Fyodor Bondarchuk's fantastic blockbuster "Attraction" and Dmitry Dyachenko's adventure family comedy "The Last Hero" could do this.


Second place for the weekend was taken by the novelty of this week - the horror film "Happy Day of Death". The main character of the picture, performed by actress Jessica Roth, is a very popular girl at the university, and everyone would like to attend her birthday. However, the holiday turns out to be hopelessly ruined when a masked stranger kills the hero of the occasion. And yet the birthday girl receives another gift from fate - an endless supply of lives. Now, when this terrible day repeats itself over and over again, the heroine has a chance to figure out her killer. The film was directed by Christopher Landon, who is responsible for several horror films and scripts for "Paranoia", as well as for four films of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise. But the producer of "Happy Day of Death" is Jason Bloom, company which Blumhouse Productions specializes in the release of this kind of pictures. In particular, this year they released an unusually successful horror movie Get Out, which, with a modest budget of $ 4.5 million, earned over $ 254 million worldwide. Split with James McAvoy worked in the same way: with a budget of $ 9 million tape raised $ 278 million.


In the USA box office, the horror "Happy Day of Death" was predicted to have premiere fees in the region of 70 million rubles, but the picture started much better than expected. For the first weekend, viewers brought 93 million rubles to the film box. The same film "Get Out" began its march through our cinemas with a sum of 37 million rubles. and finished at around 102 million rubles. Critics and viewers took the picture very favorably, appreciating the original fusion of horror, a philosophical story about self-improvement, fiction and comedy, in which the authors deftly and ironically play around the popular cliches of all kinds of horror films. The film, which is a kind of mixture of Groundhog Day with Scream, looks interesting and cheerful, not letting the viewer get bored and allowing the audience to be lost in conjectures about the identity of the main villain throughout the duration.


Next came the Pixar and Disney animated comedy "Coco's Secret". The story of the Mexican boy Miguel, who ended up in the Land of the Dead, has been in the top for the third week. The tape's box office fell 41% compared to last weekend, but still, in the absence of serious competitors, it continues to actively attract viewers. The past week brought the picture an additional 86 million rubles. In total, 471 million rubles are already in the treasury of an incredibly colorful and musical fairy tale.


On the fourth line is another novelty - the sequel to the crazy comedy "Very Bad Moms". Directors John Lucas and Scott Moore filmed a sequel to last year's film, bringing heavy artillery - Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon and Sherrill Hines - to the company to co-star Mile Kunis, Kristen Bell and Katherine Khan. According to the plot, on New Year's holidays their own mothers come to the heroines, considering it their duty not only to give their daughters valuable advice, but also to teach them to have fun in an adult way.

Analysts predicted the collection of the film in the region of 60 million rubles. In the end, for the premiere weekend "Very Bad Moms 2" collected 66 million rubles. In September 2016, the first film started at the box office at 39 million rubles, making a total of just over 80 million rubles. According to the opinions of viewers who watched the new picture, it is noticeably inferior to its predecessor. Of course, the jokes and reckless behavior of the heroines did not disappear, there were added arguments about the value of the family and love for parents. However, despite this, the sequel came out boring, the situations in it seem too banal and cliched, and the film itself has overly hit the lyrics, forgetting about the hooligan humor that just attracted the audience in the original "Mommy".


The last week's top five is closed by the crime thriller "Foreigner" with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles. The collection of the tape slipped by 50% and amounted to 25 million rubles. In total, the story of a former special agent, obsessed with a thirst for revenge for the death of his daughter, has earned almost 94 million rubles in the USA box office at the moment.

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