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The Last Jedi Awakened USA's Box Office

Image After several weeks of the lull that reigned in the USA box office, the long-awaited eighth episode of the legendary Star Wars franchise was released, which managed to stir up the audience and raise the overall box office box office. In comparison with the previous week, the proceeds of cinemas increased by almost 40% and amounted to 782 million rubles.

The new part of the famous film epic, called "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", continues the story of the confrontation between light and darkness, good and evil. While the First Order and the Resistance are at war with each other, the young heroine Rey awakens the Force within herself and sets out to meet the only surviving Jedi, Luke Skywalker. The film was directed by director Ryan Johnson, who has credited such films as The Loop of Time and The Brothers Bloom, and also worked on the script for The Jedi. The main roles in the project went to Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Donal Gleason, Gwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran, Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro.


According to analysts' forecasts, the eighth episode was to receive about 560-580 million rubles for the premiere weekend. However, as a result, the picture started somewhat weaker than expected. Fans of the cult history brought 499 million rubles to the "Last Jedi" collection. - less than the last part of the franchise was able to master in the first weekend. The Force Awakens tape was launched in December 2015 with a sum of 881 million rubles. But here are the premiere results of a spin-off called Rogue One. Star Wars Stories, Ryan Johnson's film still easily outpaced. Last year, Felicity Jones' fantastic thriller about the fearless Jean Erso began its march through USA cinemas at RUB 350 million.


Critics and fans of the franchise have cited The Last Jedi as one of the best Star Wars titles since the fifth episode of The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. Ryan Johnson managed, on the one hand, to pay tribute to the classics, without slipping into an outright secondary, and on the other, not to stand still and lead the saga forward. Some, of course, did not like Johnson's view of the story, the characters, and the changes to the so-called canon. However, the audience still unanimously agree on something. For example, in the visual aspect of the film, it turned out to be beautiful, with high-quality special effects, well-staged fights and a memorable final battle. The story itself turned out to be dynamic and fascinating, there was a place in it for both jokes and philosophical reflections. Film fans were also pleased with the expressive acting game. Well, the cutest porgs, of course, did not leave anyone indifferent.


Under the onslaught of the Jedi and spaceships, the domestic film "The Legend of Kolovrat", which managed to head the USA box office for two weeks in a row, gave up its position. Janik Fayziev's painting about the struggle of the Ryazan knight with the Mongol yoke over the last weekend put 52 million rubles into his account. All in all, the tape was able to master at the moment 577 million rubles.


The third place was reserved for the animated film "Coco's Secret". Despite the rather modest fees compared to other cartoons from Pixar and Disney studios, the story of the boy Miguel and the Land of the Dead still shows itself well at the box office, continuing for the fourth week in a row not only to stay in the top five, but also to attract a large number of spectators. Over the past weekend, they brought 40 million rubles to the "Secrets of Coco" treasury, thereby bringing the total box office of the picture to 523 million rubles. Among all foreign cartoons released in USA in 2017, this is the fifth result after "Despicable Me 3" (1.55 billion rubles), "Boss the Baby Sucker" (1.53 billion rubles), "Singing" (978 million rubles) and "Wheelbarrow 3" (619 million rubles). But among all Disney studio releases this year, "The Secret of Coco" takes only the penultimate line,

From the second line to the fourth dropped the horror film "Happy Day of Death". The film directed by Christopher Landon was able to earn an additional 38 million rubles over the past weekend. All in all, to date, the film about the most unfortunate and terrible "Groundhog Day" scared the USA viewer in the amount of almost 160 million rubles. Thus, the tape managed to surpass the results of another project, which was also produced by Blumhouse Productions, the horror film Get Out. Having started this spring at 37 million rubles, he was able to earn a total of 102 million rubles.


On the fifth line of the financial rating is another novelty this week - the USA family comedy "New Year's Trouble". The plot of the picture revolves around the Morozov family, whose numerous members gather on New Year's Eve in the house of the head of the family, the wayward retired General Georgy Ivanovich. However, it was far from the love of festive traditions that brought relatives there, but the struggle for the paternal inheritance, and here any means will be used. The main roles in the film were played by Vladimir Menshov, Konstantin Kryukov, Anastasia Makeeva, Inga Oboldina and Yan Tsapnik. Viewers who watched the tape speak of it as a fairly standard comedy with a banal plot and not the best script. And with its task - to cheer and create a festive mood - "New Year's Trouble" does not cope well. But still, those

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