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James Cameron: ”Alien 5 has a great script”

Image Early last year, director Neil Blomkamp (District 9) unveiled the first concept art of Alien 5 , featuring Ellen Ripley and Dwayne Hicks . The bosses at 20th Century Fox were ready to go into production, but then decided to prioritize Ridley Scott's blockbuster Alien: Covenant.

The fate of the Blomkamp project is still in limbo, as the creator of the original "Alien" changed his plans several times. First, " Testament " was supposed to be a regular sequel to "Prometheus", then Scott decided to connect its plot with the cult sci-fi horror of 1979, and in the end he decided to shoot a whole trilogy prequels.

As for " Alien 5" , it caused quite a controversial feeling among fans of sai-fai. Some were not too pleased with the prospect of abandoning the events of the third and fourth parts of the franchise, while others took the idea of filming a direct sequel to "Aliens" with genuine enthusiasm. Many fans of the film series rightly noted that " Alien 3 " spoiled the legacy of the fantastic action movie James Cameron, since its creators shamelessly killed corporal Hicks and Newt .


At the Comic-Con festival, a solemn event was held with the participation of the director and the cast of " Aliens ", timed to coincide with the film's 30th anniversary. In an interview with HitFix James Cameron admitted that he would like to see the continuation of his tape, in which Hicks and Newt remained would be alive. “In my opinion, it was extremely foolish to kill these characters in ' Alien 3 , - said the iconic filmmaker. -This decision was a real slap in the face for all fans of the film series. I think David Fincher is an amazing director and a good friend of mine. But the triquel “ Alien ” was his first film, and therefore he was under enormous pressure from the studio. David came to the project, when he was already in production. In addition, he got a terrible script, which was rewritten right on his knee. If Gail Ann Heard and I were involved in the creation of “ Alien 3 ”, the deaths of Hicks and Newt would have been avoided. "


Neil Blomkamp has already given me the opportunity to study his text, added the director. -In my opinion, he has an excellent script on his hands, according to which you can start shooting a film even tomorrow. But, unfortunately, I am not aware of the plans of the studio bosses for this project. I also have no idea in which direction Ridley Scott will take the plot in his Testament . "

As it turned out, the performers of the roles Newt and Dwayne Hicks - Carrie Henn were not too happy with " Alien 3 " Michael Bean respectively. “By the time the triquel came out, I had already decided to become a teacher, and therefore I was not too eager to continue acting in films, - admitted Henn . -But if I was then offered to return to the role of Newt , I would agree. Who in their right mind would refuse such an opportunity?”.


I was also disappointed with the decision to kill Hicks , said Bean . -On the other hand, I myself got into Cameron's tape only because another actor dropped out of the project. In my opinion, neither triquel nor quadriquel can be called good films. Then, in general, “Alien vs. Predator” happened ... Even if I starred only in the second part, but it still continues to retain the title of the best film about xenomorphs”.

Alien: Testament will be released in USA on August 3, 2017 .

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