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Ridley Scott: Blomkamp's ”Alien” is unlikely to see the light of day

Image Apparently, Ridley Scott will remain the only director who will direct films about xenomorphs for the foreseeable future. When the filmmaker signed on to shoot Prometheus, it not only heralded a return to the franchise that kick-started his career, but also marked the beginning of Scott 's first sci-fi movie since Blade Runner.

Since the release of Prometheus , the director began talking about the planned sequels to this blockbuster, but he was constantly busy with many other projects like "The Counselor" or "The Martian." And while Ridley worked on them, South African director Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium: Heaven Not On Earth) appeared on the horizon, full of his own ideas for the franchise.

For example, Blomkamp was going to return to the screens of the officer Ripley , the heroine of Sigourney Weaver, and Corporal Dwayne Hicks played by Michael Bean. This would turn the potential picture into a direct sequel to "Aliens", but would completely ignore the events of the third and fourth parts of the franchise.


20th Century Fox still liked the idea and went into production, appointing Ridley Scott to produce the film. Nevertheless, Scott was concerned about the fate of his brainchild, and as soon as production of Alien 5 began, he accelerated work on the sequel to Prometheus . Thus, production of the film "Alien: Covenant" had to start before the project Blomkamp , and Fox gave priority to the blockbuster Ridley b>.

Because of these twists and turns, the fate of the alleged film Neil Blomkamp was in limbo. And now, as part of the promotional tour for the release of " Testament ", Ridley Scott broke the silence, bringing some clarity to what was happening. In an interview with the French edition of AlloCine , he stated that the project "Alien 5" is unlikely to ever see the light of day.


“The script for the painting has never existed as such. They had only an idea that took ten pages ... I was supposed to become the producer of this tape, but the matter did not get off the ground, because Fox decided that they did not want to do this ",- said the director.

This statement runs counter to James Cameron's approval of the " Alien 5 " scenario. And Sigourney Weaver , who worked with Blomkamp on the fantasy action movie "The Robot Called Chappy," was very enthusiastic about his idea. And yet, closing the project looks quite logical. The simultaneous release of two films in the franchise, the sequel to " Prometheus " and the reboot of the saga, telling completely different, unrelated stories would be confusing to viewers.


But still, you shouldn't be afraid for the franchise - Scott has far-reaching plans for it. The iconic director has decided to shoot three more sequels to " Prometheus ", which will ultimately lead viewers to the plot of the original film. In the meantime, one can only guess if Ridley Scott will shoot them himself, or someone else will have such a chance. As for Blomkamp , he hoped to rehabilitate himself from the coolly received Robot Called Chappy at the expense of Alien 5 , but now on his schedule space was freed up.

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