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Ripley is waiting for another meeting with the Alien

Image In January last year, Neil Blomkamp, creator of District 9, released concept art for Alien 5 , which was warmly received by fans of the franchise. It seemed that the project was ready to go into work, but a few months later the bosses of the studio 20th Century Fox decided to send it to the shelf so that it would not interfere with Ridley Scott's plans to link the plot of the sequel to Prometheus with the events of the very first "Alien".

The fate of the film Blomkamp is still shrouded in mystery, but the main star of the famous film series hopes that in the near future the leadership of Fox will still give him the green light.

I understand Ridley asked Neal not to start creating“ Alien 5 ”until he finished a sequel to “ Prometheus , said Sigourney Weaver in an interview with Aggressive Comix . -It was important for Scott that his film came out first. Neal and I are eager to embark on a great script for a new Alien , but we have to do other things for now. I will be very surprised if Fox abandons this project, because we have really great material on our hands. I think the audience will have to be patient, but the final result should exceed all their expectations. "

After the work on the Blomkamp project was paused, Scott decided to give the sequel to " Prometheus " the title "Alien: Covenant", and then announced that he was working on an entire trilogy. It is currently unknown if Alien 5 will get a chance after the first of three new films, Ridley , or Neela and Sigourney will have to wait for the creator of the franchise to put an end to his story.

Concept art for Alien 5 featuring Ellen Ripley and Dwayne Hicks made it clear that Blomkamp is planning to film continuation of "Aliens", which will not take into account the events of the third and fourth parts of the film series. Last year, Michael Bean announced that Newt , 27, will play an important role in the storyline.


Alien: Covenant will be released on August 3, 2017 .

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