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Americans are planning their ”Raid”

Image In 2011, Gareth Evans released the film "Raid" , in which the level of naturalistic combat scenes was truly off scale. And in 2014 he repeated his success, filming a sequel that is not inferior to the original. As reported by Сollider , Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo are about to make an American version of the Indonesian hit.

Carnahan will write and direct the film, with Grillo starring in it. Curiously, Carnahan himself stubbornly avoids the word "remake" when talking about "Raid" . He calls the upcoming film"a new take on a well-known script", goes into compliments to Evans 's brainchild and says that the original director"blessed him"this project. By the way, Evans himself will act as the executive producer of the new tape.

The first part of the "Raid" began with the fact that a detachment of special forces had to arrest the drug lord, who sat down at the very top of a high-rise building. The operation was going to be carried out without noise and dust, but everything did not go according to plan, and the main characters were locked in a house full of thugs, blood-hungry servants of the law.


Joe Carnahan has made a name for himself shooting "cheap and cheerful". "Smokin 'Aces", "Fight" - the director manages to release exciting films for little (by Hollywood standards) money, which turns into a good profit for the production companies.

It is still unknown when Joe Carnahan plans to write and film the Raid . The situation is complicated by the fact that the director has unfulfilled obligations for the third part of Bad Boys. How he will prioritize, time will tell.

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Author: Jake Pinkman