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The Raid Director will infiltrate the sect

Image At one time, the Indonesian action-dilogy "Raid" revealed the name of Gareth Evans to the world. In the spring of 2014, the Welsh director announced his desire to take a break from pictures about martial arts for a couple of years in order to then start working on the third part of the popular franchise with renewed vigor.

Judging by the information of the publication The Hollywood Reporter , Gareth has not yet decided to return to the world of " Raid ", but has finally announced the name of his next directorial project ... During his sabbatical, Evans managed to write the script for the thriller The Apostle , which he expects to start filming next spring in the UK.

The tape will tell about a mysterious man who arrived on a remote island in search of his missing sister. He manages to find out that she was kidnapped by members of a religious cult who are planning to demand a ransom for her release. Soon, the leaders of the sect will have to regret the day when they were going to blackmail the protagonist, because he is determined to reveal their darkest secrets ...


It is curious that Evans has already raised the topic of religious cults in the short film “ Shelter ” from the movie almanac “Z / L / O 2”. The director will be supported by XYZ Films , which he collaborated with on both parts of Raid .

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Author: Jake Pinkman