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Jay and Silent Bob will strike again

Image It seems that Kevin Smith will still return to the View Askewniverse universe he once created, but not at all with the film that fans of his work could think of.

In 2014, Smith announced that he was seriously considering creating the Clerks triquel, but this project was sidelined after Kevin had an idea for a sequel to Party People from the supermarket. " As it became clear from the message Smith on his Facebook page, "Clerks 3" will never be realized at all, because the performer of one of the main roles refused to work on the sequel.

As for Party People , Smith considered a TV series last fall, but, according to the director, he proposed the idea to six channels, and none of them showed interest in project. After that, Smith decided to concentrate on the sequel to his other cult film " Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back " and even started writing the script.


“I've had a lot of fun over the past month writing the script for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot , a comedy where Jersey boys return to Hollywood to interfere with a movie remake The Puffer and the Chronicle they hated so much. This is an ironic and silly satire, making fun of the modern film business with its fashion for all kinds of relaunches. I even met the good guys from Miramax - they are in both hands, and we hope to start shooting this summer! ", - wrote Smith .

Smith also noted that if the rights to "Clerks" , "Party People from the Supermarket" or the same "Dogma" belong to other people, which does Since their sequels are dependent on many factors, he owns the rights to Jay and Silent Bob .


The last works of Kevin Smith in big cinema were not very successful. After the comedy "Double KOPets", the filmmaker directed the serious drama "Red State", and later the chaotic horror film "Tusk" was released, which was to become the beginning of a whole trilogy. Last year the film "Yoganutye" opened in cinemas, but it received negative reviews. However, Smith at the same time became his own man in the comic television universe The CW - Kevin more than once led the shooting of episodes of The Flash and Supergirl.

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Author: Jake Pinkman