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Jay and Silent Bob waited for the restart

Image In recent years, Kevin Smith has made several unsuccessful attempts to film sequels to his iconic films. To the disappointment of moviegoers, the famous Hollywood director and screenwriter first shelved the third part of "Clerks", and then faced problems in the work on the television sequel to "Party People from the Supermarket."

It looks like the black streak in Smith's career is finally over. On his Twitter, he announced that he is ready to begin filming the sequel to the tape " Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ". "The original film hit theaters exactly 16 years ago," wrote Kevin . -This fall we will begin work on its sequel, Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot.

Smith began writing the second part of the comedy earlier this year. Then he admitted that the audience will be waiting for a witty film making fun of modern Hollywood fashion for remakes and relaunches.


Kevin Smith also plans to create the final film of the so-called " True North Trilogy ", which will be called "Elk Jaws".

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Author: Jake Pinkman