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Kevin Smith was here

Image What projects have not been on the plans of Kevin Smith over the past few years - he wanted to shoot the third "Clerks", then the continuation of "Party People from the Supermarket" for TV. In February, the director decided to concentrate on making the sequel to the cult film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but for now Smith has taken up a different film.

As the portal Variety managed to find out, the filmmaker has begun filming the film Killroy Was Here , which are taking place in Florida with the support of Ringling College of Art and Design and the company Semkhor Productions . In recent years, one of the preferences of Smith has been horror films, and, according to the director, the new project will mark the beginning of an entire horror anthology.

The phrase"Kilroy was here"gained popularity in American culture during World War II after the appearance of graffiti that depicted a bald man with a large nose peeking out from behind a wall. The image of Kilroy is even on the memorial in Washington.

“This is a movie about a monster with a classic morality,says Smith . -No one wants innocent blood to be shed on the screen, but when someone crosses the line and becomes bad, they have to pay for their actions. The audience approves of this. We want to shoot something like a Kaleidoscope of Horror. Kilroy is a golem, boogeyman and death with a scythe in one bottle ".


The highest-grossing Kevin Smith film to date is the action-comedy Double Kopets, which grossed $ 55 million worldwide. Last year, The Yoganutyes were released, but they were not appreciated by either critics or viewers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman