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Bruce Campbell will drop by the supermarket party

Image Back in January, when Kevin Smith announced the next advancements in the movie "Supermarket Party People 2", he assumed that Bruce Campbell should appear in this project. And in the role of himself, since the character of Jason Lee from the first part, Brody Bruce, was a big fan of "Evil Dead". Now, it seems that Campbell's participation in the filming of the sequel can be considered officially confirmed: Smith wrote on his Twitter that he already had a place in the script ready for the actor.

“Right now, I'm on page 75 ...- Kevin stated. -An absolutely stunning monologue for Bruce is ready, and the scene with Michael Rooker will tear you all to shreds ". This month, by the way, "Supermarket Party People", aka the second film in the so-called "Jersey Trilogy", is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so this news can be considered a gift for all fans of Jay and Silent Bob.

It is also known that Smith, in addition to Rooker, who played in the original director of the supermarket Jared Swanning, hopes to return to their roles in the sequel to the actors Ethan Sapley (William Black), Ben Affleck (Shannon Hamilton), Jeremy London (T. Es), Shannen Doherty (Rene Mozier) and Claire Forlani (Brandi Swenning). Of course, Smith himself will play Silent Bob again, and his sidekick Jason Mewes will once again transform into Jay. It is also possible that other characters from the View Askewniverse will appear.


Obviously, self-isolation is good for Kevin Smith. Just the other day, he promised his fans to spend this time with sense, coming to grips with his projects that were delayed along the way. Perhaps he is not the only one in Hollywood now who has come to terms with the current state of affairs and sublimates the missing activity into creativity. In this case, we are likely to see an unprecedented surge of creativity and a boom of bright, talented, inventive projects in the foreseeable future.

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