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Scorsese Priests and Bondarchuk's Aliens: Watch This Week

Image January passed completely unnoticed. Some films, which began the movie year, were very pleasing, others caused a storm of discontent and disappointment, and some became the subject of fierce controversy. The last weekend of the month also boasts a variety of new products - here you will find new creations of the masters of cinema, touching stories for girls, and a domestic art house treated kindly by festival critics.

Martin Scorsese has long been a real legend in world cinema. Having earned fame as a skillful creator of tough crime films, this director subsequently significantly expanded his range of interests: family cinema, psychological thrillers, vivid biographies. In his new feed Silence he combines history, religion and philosophy. The film tells about two Jesuit priests who travel to Japan to find their mentor. It takes place in the 18th century, so many hardships and hardships fall to the lot of the main characters.

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He gave the main roles in his new film Scorsese to actors who have become known to the general public relatively recently. The performance of Andrew Garfield in the war drama "For reasons of conscience" was noted by critics around the world. And Adam Driver really became famous after the release of the blockbuster Star Wars. Episode VII. The Force Awakens. " The role of the mentor, whom the main characters are looking for, went to the deserved rescuer of the hostages Liam Neeson.


The pictures produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk can be treated in different ways. But what cannot be taken away from the director is an acute desire to bring the genre of the domestic blockbuster to the international level. His new project Attraction will focus on a UFO shot down over Moscow and the events following this incident. Posters and trailers promise action, vivid special effects and dynamic storyline. In the new tape Fyodor Sergeevich , the main role is played by Alexander Petrov, who last year opposed the system in the second part of "The Elusive". He was accompanied by the star of the series "The Jackal" Irina Starshenbaum and the owner of the most piercing gaze in our cinema, Oleg Menshikov.

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Family cinema next week will be in charge of the animated film Ballerina . The French cartoon tells the story of an ordinary girl with an unusually strong desire to dance. Together with her friend-inventor, the heroine runs away from home and goes to Paris for her dream. There she enters a ballet school and begins to actively train. But, as they say, the path to the stars runs through thorns ... In our country, the cartoon comes out a little later than abroad. And judging by the reviews, the audience liked another story of the pursuit of a dream. On the review aggregator site Rottentomatoes , Ballerina has 88% positive reviews.

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The comedy "Family Robbery" continues the French theme. In the center of the plot is an experienced thief who has conceived the most unprecedented business in his life. The same robbery, after which you can safely go to rest. He set out to steal a violin created by Antonio Stradivari himself. True, the hero understands that he cannot cope with his goal alone. So, you just need to find two of your daughters, who have never seen him, and persuade them to do something they have never done ... The main role in the film "Family Robbery" was played by Jean Reno. This actor has proven many times that he can be convincing both in dramas and thrillers and in entertainment genres. And judging by the trailers for the new product, the viewer will have a whole stream of funny gags,

Also, two more domestic films will start at the box office. "Joker" , which represented USA at many foreign film festivals, will tell about a difficult love story. The film's plot was partly borrowed from the stories of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. The second film, "From Five to Seven" , is an absurd comedy about ways to get rid of love attachment. Among the methods are bank robbery, meeting a military man who travels across parallel worlds, and much more.

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