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Scorsese banned from filming Sinatra's biopic

Image During his long and successful career, Martin Scorsese managed to tell the audience the stories of the life of boxer Jake LaMotta, Tibetan spiritual leader of the Dalai Lama, gangster Henry Hill, entrepreneur Howard Hughes, con man Jordan Belfort and even Jesus Christ himself. Much to his disappointment, the Oscar-winning director will not be able to add a biographical drama about Frank Sinatra to his impressive filmography.

Scorsese stepped aboard the famous singer 's biopic back in 2009. It was rumored that the director saw in the image of Sinatra Al Pacino, and also intended to give Robert De Niro the role of another legend of American show business - Dean Martin. Over the years, such popular actors as Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio have also been wooed into the project.

Despite the active interest from movie stars of the first magnitude, the film about Sinatra never managed to get into production. The last time the official information about the biopic appeared was in August 2012, when Billy Ray replaced the screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson.


In a fresh interview with The Toronto Sun Scorsese admitted that he was forced to stop working on the tape. “I think this project has finally died, - said the director. - Sinatra family members don't want to give the go-ahead for this movie. If they ever change their minds, I will be ready to return to his director's chair in a second. I understand perfectly well that it is difficult for the relatives of Sinatra to accept certain aspects of the plot. But if they want me to direct the movie about Frank , they shouldn't try to hide some information from the audience. The problem is that the protagonist of our project was an extremely controversial figure. Every person is complex, and Sinatra especially”.

It is possible that the singer's heirs were not satisfied that Scorsese was planning to assign an important role in the plot of the film to the connections of Sinatra with the mafia. Throughout his career, Frank has denied involvement in the criminal world, but it is known for certain that he owed his ascent to the musical Olympus to his godfather and part-time gangster Willie Moretti.

Termination of work on the biopic of Sinatra is unlikely to seriously spoil the mood of Scorsese . The director recently released the religious drama Silence, which was named by the American Film Institute as one of last year's top ten films. The USA premiere of the film about the travels of two Jesuit priests will take place on January 26 .


Martin Scorsese also plans to create the crime drama The Irishman, which should give him the long-awaited opportunity to work with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro .

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Author: Jake Pinkman