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What do you remember?

Image The depths of the human soul have often become a research topic for many filmmakers. Periscope Entertainment has decided to create its own film about an interesting phenomenon called the Mandela effect , and announced the start of filming of the psychological thriller of the same name.

The Mandela effect is usually called the presence of the same memories in a group of people, which contradict the real state of affairs. They started talking about the phenomenon after it became clear that many believed that Nelson Mandela had died while still in prison, although in reality he passed away in 2013. Some even claimed to have seen Mandela's funeral on television long ago. Moreover, an example of the effect can be found in the world of cinema. There was a controversy on the Web about what exactly Darth Vader Luke Skywalker says in Star Wars Episode 5 -Luke , I am your father! ”or“ No, I am your father! ”. There are many explanations for such fake memories - someone complains about the memory,
The speech in the new film will focus on a person who is fascinated by facts and events that are poorly remembered by thousands of people. The protagonist becomes obsessed with his own idea and begins to believe that this phenomenon is a symptom of something more. As a result, even his reality is called into question ...


The director's chair of the tape was given to David Guy Levy , who wrote the script in collaboration with Steffen Schlachtenhaufen. For them, this is already the second joint project - earlier the duo worked on the horror film "What would you do ...". The cast of the thriller was also announced - the main roles in it will be performed by Charlie Hofheimer ("Black Hawk Down"), Alex Palladino ("The Devil's Play"), Robin Lord Taylor ("Gotham"), Clark Peters ("Suspect") and Madeleine McGraw ("Outcast").

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Author: Jake Pinkman