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Song of Freedom

Image The world of cinema decided to acquaint viewers with the life story of the famous South African singer Miriam Makeba . According to Variety , Broadway producer Willett Klausner and Passe Jones Entertainment will join forces to produce a biographical drama about South Africa's first-ever Grammy Awards. >, owned by Oscar nominee Suzanne de Pass.

Makeba has made a huge contribution to the popularization of African music. In the middle of the last century, she became the first performer from the black continent to achieve huge success in Europe and North America. Miriam is also famous for her bold statements in support of the civil rights of the black population of South Africa. The singer was firsthand familiar with apartheid: her parents belonged to the Bantu ethnic group, whose representatives were rounded up by the country's authorities on the reservation.

When, in 1960, Miriam had to return to her homeland for her mother's funeral, she found that her passport had been revoked. Three years later, the singer made statements against racial segregation at the UN convention, after which the South African government revoked her citizenship. Fortunately, this case did not go unnoticed by the world community: soon Makeba could rightfully call herself a citizen of the world, as several countries rushed to hand her their passports at once.


For many years, Miriam has also supported Nelson Mandela. In the late 80s, she took part in a concert dedicated to the 70th birthday of the famous South African humanist. After this large-scale event caused a wide public outcry, the South African authorities were forced to release Mandela from prison. Nelson was released on February 11, 1990, and a few months later he managed to convince Makeba to pursue his musical career in his homeland.


They plan to involve Marc Le Chat , who during the last twenty years of the singer's life acted as her confidant and personal biographer, to participate in the work on the biopic.

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