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Lady of the Flies

Image To update everyone's well-known stories, filmmakers constantly resort to all sorts of tricks. Perhaps, after the location of the action and the time of the development of events have been transferred, their favorite technique is to change the gender of the main characters. On television, there are projects where a woman has become a faithful assistant to Sherlock Holmes , and the legendary vampire hunter has an heiress. On the big screens are preparing to go "Dirty Scammers" with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson and "Ocean's Eight", where a whole galaxy of Hollywood beauties gathered. In addition, not so long ago, several projects were announced at once, where male heroes familiar to the viewer will give way to young ladies. But the movie bosses decided not to stop there either.

According to the Deadline news portal, Scott McGehee and David Siegel have struck a deal with Warner Bros. , according to which the duo will script and stage a new adaptation of the cult novel by English writer William Golding Lord of the Flies .


According to the plot of the book,during wartime, a group of children as a result of a plane crash ends up on an uninhabited island. An unexpected twist of fate and circumstances make many of them forget about everything, from discipline, decency and friendship, to mercy, love and human nature itself. McGehee and Siegel >not going to deviate from the story described in the novel Golding , the only change will be that young students who find themselves on a desert island will change their sex.

This is a very intriguing take on a novel that has already been filmed twice. In 1963, the film of the same name by British director Peter Brook was released, and in 1990 an American version appeared, directed by Harry Hook.

McGehee and Siegel have been collaborating for a long time, among their collaborations are At the Bottom with Tilda Swinton, Wordplay with Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche, and the drama Divorce in the Big City ”, where the main roles were played by Alexander Skarsgard and Julianne Moore. Filmmakers are pretty good at making stories of traumatic events through the eyes of children and adolescents. According to them, they are big fans of the original 1963 film, but believe that the new version will be very timely.


“We want to shoot a very accurate but modern adaptation of the book, and our idea is to make it heroes not boys, but girls,- shared Siegel . -This is a timeless story that is especially relevant today, when we are surrounded on all sides by interpersonal conflict and bullying, as well as the idea that children shape society and reproduce the behavior that was observed in adults before they began to live their lives ".

In the opinion of McGehee , having girls as the main characters will help people look at the story anew and break some stereotypes, including about boys and aggression.“People still talk about the film and the book in terms of pure storytelling,, says the filmmaker. -It's a great adventure story with real fun, but it has important meanings. ”

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