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Sisters in arms. Trailer for Dirty Fraudsters

Image Last year, Anne Hathaway got her hands on the art of deception with Ocean's 8, and soon the actress will once again demonstrate her swindling abilities in the comedy Dirty Fraudsters, a remake of 1988's Dirty Scammers. This time, the Oscar winner will not be accompanied by Debbie Ocean and her gang, but by Rebel Wilson, whom Hathaway's heroine will have to teach the tricks of the fraud.

The official synopsis of the picture is rather scanty in details and only says that the main characters, one of whom is a first-class fraud, and the second is an unassuming deceiver, will unite in order to teach a lesson to the men who have unfairly treated them. Judging by the trailer, the creators of the remake are not far from the spirit of the original, and the audience will receive an eccentric comedy with funny jokes and many funny situations.

Dirty Fraudsters are directed by two Emmy Awards winner Chris Addison. For him it will be a debut in full meter. In addition to Hathaway and Wilson, the film also starred Alex Sharp ("How to Talk to Girls at Parties"), Tim Blake Nelson ("Oh, Brother, Where Are You?") And Ingrid Oliver ("Angus, Thongs and Kissing Hot").

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"Inveterate Fraudsters" will play big in USA cinemas on May 9.

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