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Vidocq, Ophelia and Pavarotti: watch this week

Image While the entire world film community is discussing exceptional realism and the complete lack of heart in the new "Lion King", domestic distributors are preparing us a fresh portion of new products. First on the list of the most hopeful is the French drama about ex-criminal Eugene Francois Vidocq, played by Vincent Cassel, whose career has had many roles based on real-life people. Fans of melodramas may be interested in British Ophelia, whose powerful love story, like Kassel's, is woven into a historical context.

If your soul asks for something more modern, pay attention to the American film called "See you soon." Even if he does not shine with the originality of the plot, the main character there falls in love with a girl from St. Petersburg. Also in our box office next week will start a thriller about a teenager who was sent to the island to think about life, and a documentary about the fate and work of the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

Vidocq: Ghost Hunter ". Monsieur knows a lot about murder

Vidocq: Emperor of Paris
Dubbed trailer

Director Jean-Francois Richet in his film combined the biography of the founder of one of the first organizations to fight against crime in the world, the history of France and the hardcore action, and put it all in the dark scenery of old Paris. According to the plot, during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, Vidocq managed to make 20 escapes from prison, thanks to which he became a real legend. Now he has sunk to the bottom and lives modestly and quietly, hiding behind the craft of a cloth merchant. But after being framed by former inmates, Vidocq is forced to make a deal with the police to clear his name. In exchange for the longed-for freedom, Vidocq promises to hunt down and kill all the main criminals of Paris. The title role in the film is played by Vincent Cassel, and Olga Kurylenko, Freya Mavor, Denis Lavan and Fabrice Lukini will appear in the frame.

See you soon. " White nights for an American football player

See you soon
Dubbed trailer

Melodrama David Mahmoudi will tell the poignant love story of American football star Ryan Hawks, who was seriously injured, and a girl from St. Petersburg. The action of the tape unfolds on the eve of last year's World Cup, and the main roles are played by Liam McIntyre and Zhenya Tanaeva, famous from the TV series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". An incredible feeling, breathtaking views, exhausting suffering, fervent promises, the realization of the most cherished desires and dashing jumps over the opening bridges of St. Petersburg - that's what awaits you at the session of this tape. The theme of the 2018 World Cup appears there insofar as, and the dramatic component and plot, judging by the trailer, leave much to be desired.

Loot ". Re-education by fear

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Director Frank Halfun will indulge fans of the horror genre with a rather non-trivial plot. The film with the telling title "Prey" will present to the audience the story of a difficult teenager named Toby, who with a group of the same poor fellows was sent to a remote island under a special reeducation program. "This is a real paradise," they said, "a great place for introspection." But instead of day and night thinking about why he was born and what to do with his life, Toby finds himself in such a mess, from which he may not even get out alive. Robinson Crusoe will be portrayed in eerie conditions by Logan Miller, known to fans of American indie for playing the eccentric Martin from the wonderful film "With Love, Simon.

Ophelia ". To love or not to love is the question

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Inspired by Shakespeare and a novel by writer Lisa Klein, Australian director Claire McCarthy's drama is set in medieval Denmark. A tumultuous but secret romance breaks out between Ophelia, one of the most devoted ladies of Queen Gertrude, and Prince Hamlet. Meanwhile, war is brewing in the kingdom and backstage intrigues are in full swing. The death of her father forces Hamlet to think about revenge, and Ophelia will now have to choose between true love and her life. Daisy Ridley will appear on the screen as the title character, George McKay will play Hamlet, and Naomi Watts, Clive Owen and Tom Felton will play the supporting roles.


Dubbed trailer

Two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard will tell us the life story of the legendary tenor in documentary format, and such famous personalities as Spike Lee, Stevie Wonder, Bono and many others will help him in this. The film tells about Luciano's childhood, his parents, his first performances and how he was nervous in front of them, about his tours and collaborations with famous opera singers. Those who knew Luciano Pavarotti personally will say many warm words about the difficult character and boundless charm of the star, and also touch on the topic of what else, in addition to his beautiful voice, this truly outstanding person who lived a very bright life and left us in 2007 year.

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