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Casting: Cassel - to Napoleon, Stewart - to Merlin

Image The Gaumont studio is filming The Emperor of Paris about the former criminal Francois Vidocq, who became one of the first private detectives under Napoleon and the head of the General Directorate of National Security. Filming under the direction of Jean-Francois Richet began this week, with Vincent Cassel joining the cast recently. The star of "Black Swan" and "Enemy of the State" will play the main role, and August Diehl, Freya Mavor and Olga Kurylenko will accompany him.

Victor Hugo and Edgar Allan Poe were inspired by the life story of a Parisian adventurer when writing their works, and now this character can be seen in films. In the story, Vidocq escapes from a maximum security prison and makes a deal with the local police, promising in return for his own freedom to rid Paris of thieves and murderers. In order for the viewer to feel the entire atmosphere of that time, as many as three quarters of the French capital were recreated.

With a budget of about $ 25 million, the project promises to be a real breakthrough in 2018 in France.


And on the other mainland, Professor X and Rebecca Ferguson are preparing to shoot in The Kid Who Would Be King ("The boy who dreams of becoming a king *"). Joe Cornish will take the director's chair. In the film, ancient Arthurian legends are intertwined with modern life: the viewer will meet young Alex, whose teenage problems at school fade into the background when he finds the famous sword of King Arthur. The boy will have to realize an old truth: with great power comes great responsibility. Big Talk Pictures and 20th Century Fox promise to release the film next September.


It looks like 2018 will be rich in high-profile premieres: the majors and Brian Singer are preparing "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the big screens by the end of December. The biopic will tell the story of the famous group Queen, while Tom Hollander and Aidan Gillen, who have joined the project, will try on the images of rock star managers. The "Royal" script is written by Justin Hayes.

* - preliminary translation.

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