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How Cassel became the emperor of Paris. Vidoca Trailer

Image Who has not played Vincent Cassel during his film career - and aristocrats like the Duke of Anjou and Gilles de Rais, and the criminal Jacques Merin, and the painter Paul Gauguin. Soon Kassel will appear on the screens in the image of another historical figure - Eugene Francois Vidocq, the founder of one of the first organizations to fight crime in the world.

During the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, Vidocq, who made more than twenty escapes from prison, is a legend. After another such escape, he hid and leads the modest life of a cloth merchant, but the past relentlessly follows Vidok - former inmates set him up. To prove his innocence and avoid the guillotine, Vidocq makes a deal with the police: in exchange for freedom, he will hunt down all the thieves and murderers in the French capital. So from a former criminal he turns into a sheriff, and then - into an emperor of Paris ...

The film "Vidocq: The Emperor of Paris" became the opening film of the Moscow International Film Festival, which started yesterday. The character himself, by the way, has already visited the big screens - in 2001 he was played by Gerard Depardieu. True, the film "Vidocq" was rather a fantastic detective story, while director Jean-Francois Richet in his work tends to realism, combining in one project the biography of Vidocq, the history of France and action and placing all the action in the gloomy scenery of Paris. Richet is well acquainted with Kassel - together they worked on the dilogy "Enemy of the State No. 1" and the comedy "This Awkward Moment". In addition to Kassel, Olga Kurylenko, Freya Mavor, Denis Lavan and Fabrice Lukini appeared in the new Vidoca.

Vidocq: Emperor of Paris
Dubbed trailer

The ruthless and impudent Kassel will start catching criminals on July 11.

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