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Bow to Dracula

Image After the unsuccessful remake of "The Mummy" and the collapse of the planned Dark Universe as a whole, the Universal studio did not abandon its attempts to return its classic monsters to the screens, but the major changed its approach and now gives preference to non-trivial projects. One of these will be a new film related to the story of Count Dracula, and the studio has just invited Dexter Fletcher ("The Rocketman") to his director's chair.

The management of Universal is now advocating a non-standard approach, so the audience will not wait for a simple remake of "Dracula". The main hero of the new project will be R.M. Renfield, who in the original work of Bram Stoker was presented as a patient in a psychiatric hospital who ate flies and spiders in the hope of gaining vitality, and also an admirer of Count Dracula. Details of the upcoming tape were not disclosed, but insiders claim that its events will take place in the present.

The idea for Renfield is from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, and the script was written by Ryan Ridley (Rick and Morty). For Fletcher, the horror film will mark a change in the vector in his career, because biographical dramas brought him recognition.


Universal's first quirky monster movie is set to be The Invisible Man, which the studio unveiled a trailer two weeks ago. Paul Fig is also developing a secret project about an entire army of monsters, and, according to rumors, the studio has a couple more horror films, one with the participation of a certain Hollywood star, the other from a promising film maker.

Source: Variety

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