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Dracula Almighty

Image Recently, rumors about which Universal monster will be the next in line for a solo album have been brewing on the Internet every now and then. Jason Bloom, who produced the new "Invisible Man", does not hide that he would like to replenish the collection of monsters tamed by him. The journalists managed to find out that the choice of the producer fell on Count Dracula.

Blumhouse is preparing a reboot of Dracula with Karin Kusama as director. She's no stranger to the horror genre and has previously directed films such as Jennifer's Body and The Invitation. The latter's writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Haye will just write the text for the new project. Its details are kept secret, but it is reported that the tape will reimagine the story of Dracula in a modern way.

Count Dracula is one of Universal's most popular monsters, but the rights to this image are in the public domain, and Blumhouse has not yet enlisted the support of the studio. Insiders say it's only a matter of time since Jason Bloom's company has a contract with Universal.


The image of a vampire from Transylvania is often exploited in various media. Earlier this year, the BBC, for example, released a mini-series about Dracula, and ABC is already gathering the count's brides. It is noteworthy that a whole universe could once begin with the story of Dracula. In 2014, Universal released a film starring Luke Evans, but it received negative press coverage and the right to lay the foundation for the monster franchise went to The Mummy. Unfortunately, she did not cope with this mission.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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