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Face Off Will Remake

Image The hands of greedy Hollywood producers have reached out to one of the brightest and most insane action games of the mid-90s. Paramount Studio has begun work on the remake of the action movie "Face Off".

The original film by John Woo was released in 1997 and presented the audience with an interesting plot, spectacular shootouts, exciting stunts and, of course, the brilliant acting duo of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. The film earned rave reviews in the press, won two Saturn awards and earned over $ 245 million from an $ 80 million budget.

A wave of remake addiction has led Paramount executives to think about creating a new version of the story about FBI agent Sean Archer, who had to wear the face of the sociopathic killer Castor Troy.


Oren Uzil (Macho and Nerd 2, Cloverfield Paradox) will write the script for the film, but producers Neil H. Moritz (Escape, Boys) and David Permuth (Conscience) will be primarily responsible for the success of the remake. ), who have to pick up replacements for Cage and Travolta.

Source: Deadline

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