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Soyuzmultfilm will film the sequel ”Well, wait!”

Image The oldest animation studio in the country "Soyuzmultfilm" is going to release a new block of 26 episodes based on the world famous animated series about the adventures of the Wolf and the Hare "Well, wait!" This was announced during the eighth St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, a member of the board of the studio, Yuliana Slashcheva: launches the development of a new cycle of cartoons about `` Well, wait! ''. Our plan is 26 new episodes".

"Wait for it!" is the most famous Soviet cartoon, it dates back to 1969. At one time, Anatoly Papanov and Klara Rumyanova gave their voices to the main characters. At the moment, there are 20 episodes, and young viewers will be able to see the first episodes of the new cartoon as early as next summer. Deputy Prime Minister of the USA Federation Olga Golodets, who oversees the cultural sphere, noted that "restarting the cartoon will be a gift to the younger generation". In the light of the deputy prime minister's words, the studio's plans remain unclear: will it be just a continuation of the cartoon or it will be restarted, which implies the creation of a completely new plot, but with the same characters and ideas.

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