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Soyuzmultfilm will shoot a series about Umka

Image The Soyuzmultfilm studio is preparing to launch a series about Umka the bear from the Soviet cartoon of the same name. “We will be making a sequel to Umka, an already resolved issue. We are developing the project. We are now looking for a partner and are ready to start at any time when we receive funding, ”said Yuliana Slashcheva, chairman of the board of Soyuzmultfilm. The series will consist of 26 episodes.

At the end of last year, 50 years after the premiere, the studio released the final episode about Umka, the song "Bear's Lullaby" was sung by the singer Larisa Dolina. The plot of the new series is still unknown, as well as the timing of the premiere.


In turn, another character, long loved by children, Kesha's parrot, will be left without new episodes. This was also stated by Yuliana Slashcheva. She said that work on the continuation of the adventures of the eccentric parrot was stopped due to the author of the cartoon Alexander Kurlyandsky, or rather, due to the timing of writing the script.

This is not a financial dispute, he himself wants to write, unfortunately, in the time frame, the pace that we need to release modern animation, he will not be able to [meet]. To make someone else write, we offered him editorial and artistic direction, so that he could watch everything that he was going to write, he was not ready”, - said Slashcheva.


And although the pilot episode, voiced by Gennady Khazanov, is already ready, the studio decided not to release it.

Source: IA InterMedia

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