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Carlson flew away after Cheburashka

Image Foreign copyright holders continue to save the kid from remakes of cult Soviet cartoons. Several months ago it became known that Soyuzmultfilm wants to return the rights to Cheburashka. As it turns out, the company sold the character to Japan 16 years ago and is now unsuccessfully trying to renegotiate the contract. Today it became known that the studio has lost another famous cartoon hero.

Soyuzmultfilm board chairman Yuliana Slashcheva announced that viewers should not expect new stories about Carlson. “Astrid Lindgren's heirs have their own idea of how the rights to this character should be managed, - said Juliana. -We couldn't agree. USA continuation of " Carlson " will not be. At the same time, USA is the only country where Karlson was able to make an empathic character, harmful, but absolutely positive, whom everyone loves. Nowhere else - in other countries where licenses were bought - it was not possible”.


The first domestic cartoon about "a handsome, intelligent and moderately well-fed man in his prime" was released in 1968. Clara Rumyanova, Vasily Livanov, Valentina Leontyeva and Faina Ranevskaya gave the voices to the main characters of the story. Two years later, director Boris Stepantsev released the sequel to the cartoon - "Carlson is back."

Source: TASS

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