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Carlson will be back!

Image The negotiations of the Soyuzmultfilm studio with the heirs of the writer Astrid Lindgren about the release of new series of the cartoon about the adventures of the Kid and his cheerful friend Carlson are coming to an end. According to the representative of the directorate of the country's oldest animation studio, Yuliana Slashcheva, the results of the discussion of restarting the cartoon, which began back in 2017, will be announced by the end of winter. RIA Novosti reports.

As it became known, the cartoon about the adventures of the Kid and the "wild but cute ghost", beloved by many generations of viewers, it was decided to reshoot in the format of the series. Let us remind you that earlier the studio filmed only two episodes of the cartoon: "The Kid and Carlson" (1968) and "Carlson is Back" (1970).

The decision to restart the story of the boy's friendship with an extraordinary creature with a propeller on his back was mutual for Soyuzmultfilm and the representatives of the Swedish writer, since these characters are very fond of viewers of all ages and in many countries. However, in USA, the attitude towards cartoon characters is special, because they speak with the voices of great artists: Vasily Livanov, Faina Ranevskaya, Klara Rumyanova. At the moment, the studio only needs to clarify some legal issues and agree on financing the project with partners.


Last year, the studio released a new series of cartoons "Prostokvashino", it was also reported that the animators of "Soyuzmultfilm" were going to film the continuation of the adventures of the parrot Kesha, but the process was frozen due to disagreements with the creator of the character Alexander Kurlyandsky, who rejected the concept proposed by the studio.

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