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John Wick's director to film fantasy

Image Chad Stahelski will take a break from dizzying shootouts and showdowns of assassins: the director of the film trilogy "John Wick" will lead the work on the fantasy thriller Arcana.

The script was written by Predator authors Michael Finch and Alex Litvak. Unfortunately, the details of the plot are kept secret. It is only known that a dark urban fantasy about the confrontation of magic clans awaits us. This synopsis was enough to interest Lionsgate.

Stahelski began his career as a stuntman and stunt double for Hollywood stars. It was he who replaced Keanu Reeves on the set of the most dangerous scenes of The Matrix. One of them ended with Chad severing the ligaments in his knee. 15 years later, Keanu thanked the stunt double by starring in his debut directorial project.


Stahelski also plans to reboot Highlander and shoot two new parts of John Wick at once.

Source: Deadline

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