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John Wick III will complete the story of Baba Yaga

Image If some Hollywood stars are ready to become hostages of one role for many years, then Keanu Reeves prefers to part with his characters at the peak of their popularity. In 2003, the actor said goodbye to the image of Neo from the legendary "Matrix", but in the next decade he managed to find a new action franchise for himself. As it became known to the edition The Independent , the participation of Keanu in the film series " John Wick " may also be limited to three films.

The director Chad Stahelski shared information with the journalists of the British newspaper. “In the third part, we want to tell the audience about the principles of the“ Clan Governments, - admitted the director of the dilogy. -A special place in the script will also be given to the backstory of John and where he plans to go next. I don't want to reveal all the secrets, but the triquel will turn out to be a very worthy ending to the story of the adventures of Mr. Wick . "

John Wick III is said to have been written by Derek Kolstad, author of the first two films in the series. Stahelski has not yet said if he expects to return to the director's chair for the triquel. Chad plans to shoot the reboot of "Highlander" in the near future, and therefore it should not be ruled out that when creating the third part of " John Wick " he will have to confine himself to production functions.


The acquaintance of the audience with a professional killer nicknamed Baba Yaga took place in 2014. With a modest budget of $ 20 million " John Wick " boasted a brilliant production of fights and shootings. Not surprisingly, the moviegoers, yearning for realistic action, donated $ 86 million . Thanks to their support, Lionsgate studio decided to increase the budget of the second part to $ 40 million . The painting "John Wick 2" received rave reviews in the press and fully met the financial expectations of its creators. The action movie grossed nearly $ 167 million worldwide.


The completion of the story of the hero Reeves does not mean that the bosses of Lionsgate intend to put an end to a very promising franchise about the secret world of assassins. According to Hollywood insiders, the studio is currently considering the idea of creating film and television spin-offs " John Wick ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman