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Baby Masked Assassin Strikes Again

Image It looks like Blumhouse studio is ready to lock the heroes of the "Happy Day of Death" dilogy in another time loop. Rumors have surfaced on the web that Jason Bloom's company has begun developing the third installment of the comedy horror franchise.

The opening chapter of the film series was positioned as a mix of Groundhog Day and Scream. Slasher was released in the spring of 2017 and quickly justified the advances issued. Christopher Landon's painting not only made a good impression on professional critics, but also earned more than $ 122 million on a modest budget of $ 4.8 million.

Naturally, Landon was soon given the go-ahead to create a sequel. Unfortunately for the management of Blumhouse, the box office of the second part dropped by almost half. In March of this year, Bloom announced that the studio was not interested in making a third film about the mysterious maniac wearing a baby mask.


Apparently, the producer cooled down a little and realized that the $ 64.2 million gross provided Blumhouse with a good profit. Insiders claim that the studio is ready to allocate funds for the creation of a triquel. Fans of the franchise can only hope that company officials will not delay confirming or refuting this information.

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