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Image Several years ago, Blumhouse management swore and swore that Ghosts in 3D would put an end to the Paranormal Activity franchise. The sixth part of the film series received devastating reviews in the press, but earned about $ 79 million on a $ 10 million budget. Naturally, the producers forgot about the promises and started developing a sequel. The announcement of the seventh "Paranormal Activity" took place in the middle of last year. Today we finally found out who will lead the horror film.

Christopher Landon is at the helm of the project,, announced Blumhouse President Jason Bloom during the Invisible Man promotion. -Chris can be called the showrunner of our movie series: he wrote scripts for most of the films and personally directed one of them. ”

Landon joined the project in 2010, writing for the second, third, fourth and fifth installments. When creating the latter, he also directed the film crew.


Work on the sixth film took place without the participation of a veteran of the franchise. Ghosts in 3D disappointed viewers, so the studio decided to bring Landon back into action. While taking a break from Paranormal Activity, he directed Scouts vs. Zombies and the film Happy Death Day.

Source: MovieWeb

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