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Blumhouse is ready to expand its horror collection

Image Next month, the movie "Halloween" will be released on the screens of USA cinemas, which has already received many accolades in the foreign press. The success of the direct sequel to the cult horror movie from 1978 clearly demonstrated that Blumhouse Productions is not in vain considered the best modern horror film producer. As it became known to Forbes, the Hollywood film company is not averse to rebooting a couple more famous franchises.

I'd love to bring the Scream series back to the big screen. and “I know what you did last summer,”, Blumhouse CEO Jason Bloom told reporters. -The problem is that the rights situations for horror franchises are always very difficult. It is one thing to declare a desire to buy out this or that intellectual property, and another to conduct all transactions officially. It took us five years to sort out all the Halloween paperwork.

The idea of giving new life to the characters of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer looks very promising. Four parts of the Wes Craven film series earned more than $ 600 million worldwide and are rightfully considered to be true classics of the horror genre. In 2015, MTV launched the Scream series, which successfully proved that the public had time to miss the killer in the ghost mask.


The financial performance of the film series "I Know What You Did Last Summer" is much more modest. The first part of the slasher earned $ 125 million at the worldwide box office, the second was limited to $ 84 million, and the third went straight to the video.

The Topic of Article: Blumhouse is ready to expand its horror collection.
Author: Jake Pinkman