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Casting: Jack Reacher and Another World sequel additions

Image The journalists of the edition Variety got information that the sequel " Jack Reacher " has found its villain - Patrick Hewsinger claims his role.

The second part will be directed by Edward Zwick, who, together with Marshall Herskovitz, wrote the final draft of the film. In addition to Tom Cruise, who will reappear as Reacher , Cobie Smulders, Oldis Hodge and Danica Yarosh will also take part in the filming.

According to the plot of the book by Lee Child Never Go Back ( "Never Go Back" ), which is the basis of the sequel, the main character travels a long way from South Dakota to Virginia, where he learns that the head of his old military base has been arrested. They are trying to accuse Reacher of crimes that he did not commit ...


So far, the only thing known about the hero of Hewsinger is that he was nicknamed The Hunter . The actor's past projects include films such as The Nanny Diaries, Black Swan and Sweet Frances, as well as the TV series Revolution ( Revolution ).


The cast of the biographical drama Loving is joined by Nick Kroll ("Crazy Date") and Michael Shannon ("Man of Steel"). Based on true events, the film tells the story of a married couple - Richard and Mildred Lavingings . They married in 1958, but were soon arrested and expelled from Virginia, where mixed marriages had been banned since 1924. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of the couple demanding to reverse the previous decision. The Lavingings case was of historical significance: since then, mixed couples have been able to live in peace in all states of the United States, since the Supreme Court has invalidated all laws restricting cohabitation and marriage between people of different skin colors. The roles of the main characters will be played by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga.

The fifth part of the “ Another World ” franchise can boast of the next replenishment - Lara Pulve (“Sherlock” / Sherlock ) got the role in Anna Forster's film. The only thing known about the plot of the tape is that a new generation of vampires and werewolves will be at the center of events. Pulwe will be accompanied by Kate Beckinsale, Tobias Menzies and Theo James, who have already signed up to shoot the project.

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